Unbounded love…

She said looking at me, “Do you think they know?”

“Nahhh”, I said without paying much attention to her, as I was busy reading my novel.

“Not even a hint”, her eyes were still on my face and were needy for my attention. She was holding my arm and usually when I don’t listen to her at once she pokes her long and pointed nail into my skin. That’s pretty much a sign that I shouldn’t avoid her now.

“No babe, I don’t think so. Chill..!! Why are you scared?” I looked into her eyes and rubbed her arm.

That face of hers, was the most beautiful face I have ever seen in my entire life, the perfectly black, curly hair when fell on her caramel skin, trust me it could make anyone melt. She had those long sharp eyes filled with kohl which were so expressive that you could see the entire world in them. Those tiny baby lips were so tempting that you look at her and can’t resist kissing them. She was an epitome of beauty for me..!!

“You look at me like you will eat me alive”, she said.

“Oh I will”, It was hard to lie to her. I kissed her pink cheeks and she smiled like a baby.

“So, where will we settle down after marriage”, talking about marriage and how life is gonna change after that was her favorite topic… Super favorite…!!

“Anywhere u want Maggie”, I somehow thought I would be the more curious and annoying one in my relationships but then with her it turned out to be the opposite, I was the calm and quite one.

Life is so unpredictable, it’s been 8 years of togetherness and soon the marriage bells are actually going to ring for us. I never imagined we could make it so far but we did by keeping faith in what we started.

I still can’t forget the first time we met, at this same place, we both sat like best friends when I said, “Parul, how do u define love?”

“Hahaha, I don’t expect such talks from you”, she said looking at me with a grin on her face.

“Tell me na. What do you think love is? What Shardha and Avinash have, is that the only kind of love possible? I said looking at her face.

“No, why would you say that. Love is just an extended form of friendship, more intense and pure, full of beauty. When you start wishing for someone day in and out, when you run to that someone in all your times of happiness and sorrow, when a hug from them solves everything, when you trust someone more than yourself, when you feel secure with someone, that is love…”, She just said it all at ones as if in between her engineering books it was a written definition and she was waiting for someone to ask.

I knew all the facts and what we were but I couldn’t resist and I said it, “Parul, if whatever you said is true then my love is you”.

She looked at me with those eyes which had so much in them, her eyes were beautiful. She didn’t utter a word and kept looking at me and I just got lost and kept on speaking like she had put some spell on me.

“Yes, I love you and there is no lying in it. It’s always been different with you. The completeness I have felt while siting close to you. I know this is unusual but it’s very beautiful with you around.”

The words just came out of nowhere I never thought I could ever say this to her and as I said it I turned to pick my hair clip and tied my hair in a pony looking at the orange sky, I was prepared to see her reaction. She could react in any way possible may be hate me, find me weird or simply mock at me or can understand my love for her was beyond the boundaries of gender and society, it was pure, it was beautiful.

She smiled and said, “We can share clothes and earrings too…”.

I was stunned by her reply… she often surprised me by the behavior but that day her statement made my world complete.

“Isha, Are you ok..? Come let’s go home ”, Parul asked bringing me back from my memories to reality.

“Ya “, I said with a big smile.

As we walk down that road holding hands I could remember that quote which I just read from page ninety-two of The Notebook saying,

“We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created”


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